Riesenschnauzer VON tESTA

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Ax von den Kiwi's V, SchH3, FH, FH2

   November 28, 1996  -   March 1, 2011          

Sire: Erko v. Braunsberg  Kbsg, V, AD,Sch3, IPO3, FH, +/3,  HD:0  Dam: Sissy V. Elberfeld V, AD, B-Pr.,Sch2,+/3,HD:0 

       PSK# VDH96RS 060052  AKC# WP976806/01 OFA- Good  Thyroid -Normal (yr 2006)  DNA # V345460  CHIC #23202  

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Training video from 2003 video from 2003

Ax is pictured here at 13.5 yrs old. Photo taken in May of 2010 by Photographer Eugenia Baryshnikova


On Tuesday March 1, 2011....   I had to let my pal Ax go.
He was without question a presence and a tribute to the breed; Giant S
He embraced life and lived each and every day to it's fullest right up to his last day.
I loved him very much and will miss him greatly.
He left this earth with grace and all his dignity... a proud dog always.

Rest in peace pal ... LOVE ya

Memories .........
      As a senior Ax still brings unquestionable commitment, power, and enthusiasm to the work, capabilities seldom seen in the present Riesenschnauzers his age that have been used for breeding programs here in the USA. His recent Vet check resulting in an excellent bill of health (no thyroid, heart or eye problems) speaks volumes about his quality. At 10 yrs of age seeing him occasionally put through his paces at training in any of the 3 phases in Schutzhund, Ax still amazed many. People complimented on his physical condition, capabilities and the power he still could bring to the field in bite work. Going into his senior yrs Ax shows minimal signs of aging, his body remains strong, his coat is still in top color (a rich black) and what is most important... his attitude is what anyone would appreciate from a true working Riesenschnauzer .

Ax and I have enjoyed our years together having fun, training and trialing and as a team competed and attained titles from SchH1 & 2 to earning the SchH3 title 5 times, an FH and FH2. He is one of the first Riesenschnauzers to attain the FH2 title here in the USA!!!  Always pronounced in the 3rd phase of the sport, Ax is known to make people gasp when he came down the field for the long bite. He is such a cool dog and I love my pal very much. Now retired from the sport Ax and I enjoy relaxing long hikes in the woods and along the river with an occasional track or search snuck in for fun. 




On October 15, 1999  Ax came into my life full of exuberance with an endless supply of "wanting to work"!!!            

I really wanted a working Riesenschnauzer  as a companion and to compete with in Schutzhund. I was lucky enough  that the trainer I was working with at the time found him for me. Ax 's first owner is a gentleman named Mike Weber who lives in  Cammerswalde, Neuhausen, Germany. Ax was Mike's working Border Patrol Dog at the time and still a very young dog training on the job. It wasn't an easy decision for Mike to sell Ax as this dog was not only his partner at work but a companion to his family as well. I was so fortunate to have acquired this super dog and Mike is very proud of our accomplishments!



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