A bit about me


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Certified Massage Therapist     

Certified by the Commonwealth of VA Board of Nursing  #0019008982   NCBTMB Certified # 586174-09

 My profession has returned to the wellness industry to work as a National and State Certified Massage Therapist.

My schooling and training in this field will bring to the massage clientele a wide range of modalities; from a relaxing Swedish massage, Acupressure, Cranial/Sacral, Reflexology and Trigger point to the intensity and vigor of Sports massage, Shiatsu, Structural Integration, Deep Tissue and Movement. Having learned these skills gives me many avenues to work with when meeting the clientís personal goals and needs in their body work sessions. Along with my new career Iím very interested in incorporating my past 20 years experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.

 I will be recertifying my credentials as a personal trainer in the near future to again be part of the fitness industry assisting wellness enthusiasts in their training and fitness goals.

 Areas of special interest  for me are to work along side holistic health practitioners and chiropractors assisting in preventative care and post injury recovery.

Having this past experience combined with massage therapy, I understand and can communicate the value of a healthy body and lifestyle.

As I continue to educate myself and hone my skills in massage, Iím expanding my practice to include canine and equine massage.


My Art work


Drawing has always been a hobby of mine. It wasn't until the summer of 1995 on a vacation trip down Cape Cod that I actually picked up my pencils and began  my path of creating drawings for friends of  their families, their pets and for others who had lost their dear ones both human and animal over the rainbow bridge. A good friend ( a professional dog handler) began asking for portraits of the dogs he handled to give as gifts to the  owners when their dog attained  the AKC Champion title.  Since that time besides the drawings of dogs, I have been asked by people from all walks of life to draw everything from iguana's, birds, boats and houses, to family portraits, engagements, weddings, newborns and great grand parents. My most recent commissions have been from Police K9 officers and the working dog sport community.

I  live with my dogs in a cozy cottage that is not very far from the Rivanna River. My home is simple, it's surroundings are beautiful and so very inspiring.

My work  is known by the name of "River Cottage" Art and I do hope you enjoy viewing it.

My dogs have always been first and foremost dear to my heart and loving companions.

 I have been involved with animals since my teenage yrs.I seriously started working with dogs in 1988 and from then on I was hooked !

 In the beginning, I studied, trained and titled my companions in AKC (conformation and obedience) and UKC (AMBOR*). By the end of 1993  I found an even more enjoyable avenue.....Schutzhund !!  It is a sport that pretty much any breed of dog can participate in either for just the fun of it or for a more competitve challenge.  I found with it's versitility I could have fun, learn, train and compete to earn titles with any one of my canine companions. Schutzhund requires the dogs to perform in 3 phases, Tracking, Obedience and Protection. It is one sport with many things to do that is very rewarding for both dogs and their handlers. Please check out the links section if you would like more information on this wonderful sport.

My Passion for the  Working Riesenschnauzer  (Giant Schnauzer)

   In 1991 I was ready for another dog and really wanted one with spunk that could handle my activity level. I had been training my mix breed  with a super group of Rotti people and I loved the breed but I just didn't find the attachment enough to have one. A working breed  was what I was interested in and  the Riesenschnauzer kept popping up as a type and style of dog for me. The more I researched the more drawn to the breed I was. The Riesenschnauzer's strength, intellegence, loyalty, enthusiasm and desire to have something to do was  just what I was looking for... A dog with plenty of personaltiy that I could do pretty much anything with!  I fell in love and in 1992 purchased my first  Riesenschnauzer and the rest is history!! 

My past working background in the canine world

 1988 to 1991 employed at Bruce Kennels ( an over 300 dog/cat boarding facility ) as a kennel attendant and groomer.

 In 1990 I worked along with the City of Boston pound  ( which was home for over 100 lost & stray dogs on a daily basis) to evaluate  dogs for potential adoption to the public and for transfer to the the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

  1991 -1994 employed with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. As an ambulance agent it was required to be certified in techniques for all types of situations when handling and saving domestic and wild animals.The position also required me to be involved in all animal evaluations for possible adoption as well as assist in screening potential pet placements.This job was wonderful and taught me many things. It was a job that was as much heart wrenching as it was incredibly rewarding. 

* American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry   

 Former Animal Control Officer  certified in Animal Ice Rescue Techniques and  Humane Euthanasia

Certified Professional  Groomer since 1991 specializing in the handstripping style of grooming

Present Memberships

Certified by the Commonwealth of VA Board of Nursing                      #0019008982  

NCBTMB  Certified                                                                            # 586174-09

CPR Certified

American Massage Therapist Assoc.                                                 member since 2009

The American Working Dog Federation                                               Secretary since 2008

 DVG                                                                                               member since 1993

 Royal City Schutzhund and Dogsport Assoc.                                              DVG club

 USA Schutzhund Club for the German Shepherd Dog                          member since 2002

 Working Riesenschnauzer Federation                                                member since 1996

 PSK   OG-Bochum                                                                           member since 2003