River Cottage Art & Riesenschnauzer  v. Testa

They have crossed the Rainbow Bridge

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Itsanart's Cezanne von Urs

My first Riesenschnauzer

 V, CGC, TDI ,CD, CDX, BH,T1, T2

February 17, 1992  -  March 12, 2002   Breeder: Walter & Martha Galuszka

   My buddy, all time snuggler and trusted companion. Zani  would try anything with enthusiasm. He was my go anywhere do anything pal. His howling "doo wa wa's" provided laughter for everyone. He touched many hearts and  filled mine full of joy.



   Eddy von der Geißenwand BH

 September 28, 1999 - May 13 2006

Always the "good Shepherd", Eddy was one of the most easy dogs, never challenging and always willing. He lived for and loved his runs in the woods and a good game of 2 ball.

  Your companionship will be so missed but our memories will remain in my heart




AKA: "Red Dog"     June 30, 1990  - April 13 2003

  A survivor from the street, my faithful little girl could make a day an adventure, bring you a laugh and a smile. The teacher of kindness to animals for many children that didn't understand. Always by my side and brightening the lives of others, Amber was my perfect companion dog ,loving and loyal. (*American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry)